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Fig. 2. a) Bode plots of NiCr, AuNPs-coated and AuNPs-PEDOT-coated tetrodes. The impedance value, as a function of frequency, obtained via EIS shows that the AuNPs- and AuNPs-PEDOT-coated tetrodes present low impedance values. b) Average in vitro impedance of NiCr (n=15), AuNPs (n=18) and PEDOT (n=15) at 1 kHz. The AuNPs- and AuNPs-PEDOT-coated tetrodes exhihit significantly lower impedance values than the bare NiCr tetrodes due to the expanded surface area resulting from electrodeposition. All data in b) are presented as the mean±SD.
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:593~604
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