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Fig. 5. Enhanced myelination in the sciatic nerve by miR-381. Microscopic images (×200) of semi-thin sections and electron microscopic images (×1,500) of ultra-thin sections from sciatic nerves of LV-miR-381 or LV-mock treated C22 mice at 15 weeks post administration. Scale bar=20 µm for semi-thin for 50 µm ultra-thin sections. (B) A scatter plot showing that the g-ratio was improved in LV-miR-381 treated C22 mice. (C~E) Quantification of the percentage of myelinated (C) or unmyelinated (D) axons, and onion bulb formation (E). Numbers of myelinated axons and unmyelinated axons were expressed as percentage of total counted axons. Onion bulbs are also expressed as a percentage of total counted axons. **p<0.01; ***p<0.001.
Exp Neurobiol 2019;28:279~288
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