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Fig. 4. The subcellular localization of Nova-1 is shifted from nucleus to cytoplasm upon 5-HT6R overexpression. (A) Overexpression of 5-HT6R in GT1-1 cells did not affect the expression levels of Nova-1 (F(4, 5)=0.8457, p=0.5520). (B) Translocation of Nova-1 (red) to cytoplasm was detected in GT1-1 when co-expressed with 5-HT6R (green). (C) Translocation of Nova-1 to cytoplasm was confirmed in HEK293 cells. (D) Nova-1 was transported from nucleus to the cytoplasm fraction when co-expressed with 5-HT6R (F(3, 9)=18.31, p=0.0004; Dunnett's post hoc test: **p<0.01). β-Tubulin and histone H3 were used as cytoplasmic and nuclear markers, respectively. Data are expressed as means±S.E.M. (n=3 per group).
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