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Fig. 5. Nova-1 overexpression decreases functional activity of 5-HT6R. (A) Overexpression of Flag-Nova-1 (open circle) suppressed the Ca2+ responses induced by 5-HT (10 µM) compared to control (closed circle). F is the fluorescent intensity, and F0 is the initial fluorescent intensity at 480 nm. Inset, The average of ratio (F/F0) measured at the indicated time (#) was significantly reduced by Nova-1 (t=9.834, ***p<0.001; n=10 per group). (B) Expression of Nova-1 reduced 5-HT-induced Ca2+ responses (effect of treatment, F(1, 96)=131, p<0.0001; effect of 5-HT concentration, F(11, 96)=106.8, p<0.0001; interaction between treatment and 5-HT concentration, F(11, 96)=7.91, p<0.0001; n=12 per group). (C) Nova-1 did not affect 5-HT4R (t=1.237, p=0.2224; n=24 per group) and 5-HT7BR-mediated Ca2+ responses (t=0.9698, p=0.3386; n=19 per group). (D) Expression of Nova-1 decreased 5-HT-induced ERK phosphorylation levels in a dose-dependent manner (F(5, 12)=6.523, p=0.0037; Dunnett's post hoc tests, *p<0.05, **p<0.001; n=3 per group). Data are expressed as means±S.E.M..
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