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Fig. 6. Nova-1 overexpression decreases the expression levels of 5-HT6R. (A, B) 5-HT6R levels were reduced upon overexpression of Nova-1 in HEK293/6R stable cells (F(4, 5)=3.959, p=0.0818; Dunnett's post hoc test: *p<0.05; A) as well as in GT1-1 cells (F(4, 5)=12.62, p=0.008; Dunnett's post hoc test: *p<0.05, **p<0.01; B). (C) Reduced 5-HT6R expression caused by Nova-1 was rescued by MG132, a proteasome inhibitor (effect of MG132, F(1. 12)=0.9567, p=0.0281; effect of Nova-1, F(2, 12)=0.9567, p=0.4116; interaction between MG132 and Nova-1, F(2, 12)=10.85, p=0.0020; Student-Newman-Keuls post hoc test: *p<0.01, **p<0.01). Data are expressed as means±S.E.M. (n=3 per group).
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