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Fig. 2. Effect of MPTP on mitochondrial morphology and synaptic function in the substantia nigra. (A) Mitochondrial morphology in the substantia nigra of saline- or MPTP-injected cynomolgus monkeys was observed using immunofluorescent staining with anti-TOM20 and anti-TH antibodies. The right end panels show magnified images of the regions indicated by white squares in the left end panels; scale bars=5 µm. (B) The graph shows the average mitochondrial length in the substantia nigra of saline- and MPTP-injected cynomolgus monkeys. (C) The expression of synaptophysin, a pre-synaptic marker, was determined using western blotting with anti-synaptophysin antibody. The data are presented as mean values±SD (n=2). *denotes p<0.05.
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