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Fig. 2. Visualization of CCK inhibitory neurons in BLA. (A) Expression of eGFP in BLA CCK inhibitory neurons by using CCK-IRES-Cre mice and AAV-Dlx-DIO-eGFP vector. (B) Most eGFP positive neurons (green) are GAD (red) positive (97%, 28/29) and (C) CamK2 (red) negative (97%, 70/72) in BLA. Scale bar=100 µm (left), 20 µm (right, magnified image). (D) ROIs are outlined in the boundary of soma of each GFP+ cells to calculate soma size. Scale bar=100 µm. (E) Individual soma sizes are shown. 176 µm2 (the size of cell with 15 µm in diameter) is used as criteria (red dashed line) for classification of type L CCK and type S CCK neurons. (F) Type L CCK neurons (size > 176 µm2) comprise 36% of total CCK neurons (106 cells), and remained portion (64%) are type S CCK neurons (size <176 µm2). (G) Soma size for each group is presented as median with 25th/75th percentiles (box) and 10th to 90th percentiles (whiskers).
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