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Fig. 3. Efferent nerve terminals contact CAFs regardless of their fiber courses. (A) A 3D-reconstructed image of an organ of Corti of a P16 rat triple-immunolabeled with anti-myosin VIIa (blue, myosin), anti-synaptophysin (red, Synap), and anti-NF (green). 3D images of a single IHC and its associated nerve fibers (marked areas with dotted rectangles) were extracted and processed for further analysis in Aa1-Aa3 and Ab1~Ca2. (Aa1~Aa3) ZY section view. NF-positive fibers with segregated routes are both contacted by synaptophysin puncta (yellow and white arrowheads). (Ab1~Ab2) XY and ZY projection views. (Ba1~Ba2) fibers with a modiolar-side course and terminating on the modiolar side of the IHCs. (Ca1~Ca2) fibers with a pillar-side course and terminating on the pillar side of the IHCs. Regardless of their courses, all traced fibers contacted synaptophysin puncta. The pillar (P) and modiolar side (M) of IHC is marked with dotted line (Aa3).
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