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Fig. 6. The expression pattern of calretinin in the bouton endings of CAFs. (Aa~Bc) Single confocal slice images representing the pillar-(Aa~Ac) and modiolar-(Ba~Bc) sides of the IHC (red, NKA; green, calretinin; Blue, myosin). (C) Scatter plot of the NKA- and calretinin-immunofluorescence intensity in ROIs (red rectangles in Aa~Ab, Ba~Bb) placed on the boutons on either side of the IHC. The approximate positions of the ROIs are described in the diagram below. The ROIs on the pillar-side (black) boutons exhibited higher calretinin-immunofluorescence than the ROIs on the modiolar-side ones (red). In addition, the pillar-side boutons appear slightly bigger and exhibit higher NKA-immunofluorescence than the modiolar-side ones.
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