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Fig. 3. Analyses of cells stained by the stimulation-dependent neural activity marker c-Fos and the retrograde tracer CTB in PL, BLA, and vHIP neurons. (A~I) Schematic diagrams illustrating the coronal section of the PL (A), BLA (D), and vHIP (G), the areas (filled blue area) analyzed for cells stained by c-Fos and/or fluorescent CTB, and high magnification (boxed areas). Fluorescence images showing cells labeled with CTB (green) or c-Fos (red), and high magnification of an overlay of CTB and c-Fos labeled cells (boxed area) in the PL (B), BLA (E), and vHIP (H). Arrow heads indicate CTB-positive cells and arrows indicate c-Fos-positive cells. Scale bars: Scale bars; 50 µm in the PL and BLA, and 100 µm in the vHIP. The examined sections of the PL were at the level of 1.95±0.01 mm (AP) from the bregma, those of the BLA were at −1.39±0.03 mm, and those of the vHIP were at −3.22±0.04 mm. The numbers of animals examined were n=3~4 animals for the PL, n=4~5 animals for the BLA, and n=3 animals each for the vHIP. Quantification of CTB labeled cells, c-Fos labeled cells, and CTB and c-Fos double-labeled cells in the PL (C), BLA (F), and vHIP (I) of control (CON) and restrained (RST) mice. All data are mean±SEM. *p<0.05, **p<0.01 (Student's t-test).
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