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Fig. 4. Proportion of neurons stained by c-Fos or CTB. (A) A schematic diagram illustrating PL, BLA, and vHIP neurons projecting to the NAc. Cells labeled by CTB (green line and circle) or expressing c-Fos protein (filled red circle). Fluorescent CTB was injected into the NAc. (B) Percentage of CTB-labeled cells that are c-Fos-positive in the PL, BLA, and vHIP in control (CON) and mice treated with 1-h restraint (RST). (C) Percentage of c-Fos-positive cells that were also CTB-labeled in the PL, vHIP, and BLA. All data are mean±SEM (n=3~5 animals for each region). *p<0.05, **p<0.01 (Student's t-test).
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