Studies that have shown increase in processing skills after rTMS treatment
GroupReferenceNLocationSession per WeekFrequency (Hz)Train Duration (s)Trains per SessionIntertraininterval (s)Pulses per sessionMT (%)Cognitive Rating
HealthyVanderhasselt et al. (2006)28L DLPFC1/-1044026.11560110Stroop task
HealthyVanderhasselt et al. (2007)20R DLPFC1/-1044026.11560110Stroop task
HealthyHwang et al. (2010)17L DLPFC1/-102-1090090Conners' CPT
DepGrunhaus et al. (2000)20L Motor Cortex20/4106--120090TMT-B
DepMoser et al. (2002)19L MFG5/12022060-80TMT-B
DepMartis et al. (2003)15L PFC15/310520301000110Stroop task, SCRT, GP
DepHoppner et al. (2003)30R DLPFC10/21602180-110MARS
L DLPFC2022060
DepHausmann et al. (2004)41R, L DLPFC10/216001-2600120Stroop task
DepBoggio et al. (2005)25L DLPFC10/21554025-110Stroop task
DepKedzior et al. (2012)-L DLPFC40/310540252000100mCST
DepMyczkowski et al. (2012)14L DLPFC20/451025201250120TMT-B, Stroop task
PTSDBoggio et al. (2010)30R, L DLPFC10/22024028160080Stroop task
SchLevkovitz et al. (2011)15R L PFC20/420----120SOC, SSP, SWM
SchGuse et al. (2013)*47L DLPFC15/310-25301000110N-back test, DAT
DemAntczak et al. (2018)11R L DLPFC10/21052025300090LCT, Stroop task

Dep, depression; PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder; Sch, schizophrenia; Dem, dementia; L, left; R, right; DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; MFG, middle frontal gyrus; PFC, prefrontal cortex; CPT, continuous performance task; TMT, trail making test; SCRT, simple and choice reaction time; GP, grooved pegboard; MARS, motor agitation and retardation scale; mCST, modified concept shifting task; SOC, stockings of Cambridge; SSP, spatial span; SWM, spatial working memory; DAT, divided attention task; LCT, Letter Cancellation Test.

*Indicates the inclusion of a healthy comparison group.

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