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Fig. 1. Experimental workflow for proteomic analysis and differentially expressed proteins in CTE postmortem brains versus normal postmortem brains. (A) A scheme represents the work-flow of proteomic analysis in normal and CTE postmortem brains. (B) A diagram shows the preparation of RIPA-soluble fraction from postmortem brain samples. (C) A total of 5057 proteins were identified by LC-MS/MS in normal control while a total of 4695 proteins were identified in CTE brain tissue lysates. A list of 3534 proteins were commonly found in both normal and CTE postmortem brains. (D) A list of 486 proteins was up-regulated (≥1.5-fold) in the CTE samples while a list of 885 proteins was down-regulated (≤1.5-fold) in the CTE samples compared to normal samples.
Exp Neurobiol 2019;28:362~375
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