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Fig. 2. Pathway and interaction network analyses of the differentially expressed proteins in CTE postmortem brains. (A) The differentially expressed proteins (≥ and ≤1.5-fold) in CTE brain tissues were defined by pathway analysis using IPA software. Top 10 pathways with the highest significance were shown. Blue bars indicated −log(p-value); orange spots indicated ratio of protein number to total protein number in each pathway. (B) A biological network shows a complexity of multiple interaction network among proteins that are affected in the CTE postmortem brain. Interaction network analysis was performed with differentially expressed proteins (≥ and ≤1.5-fold) using STRING 10.0 database. (C) An interaction network of the axonal guidance signaling pathway exhibited that cytoskeleton-, myelin sheath-, and Rho-GTPase-related proteins are down regulated (1.5-fold) in the CTE postmortem brain.
Exp Neurobiol 2019;28:362~375
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