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Fig. 2. Scriptaid and RGFP966 alter macrophage phenotype. Bone marrow derived macrophages were first pre-stimulated with LPS (F), IL-4 (K) or IL-13 (P) or left unstimulated (=control; A). After 1 hour, these cells were treated with scriptaid (0.2 µM or 1 µM) or RGFP966 (5 µM or 10 µM) for 24 hours. (A~E) Macrophages treated with scriptaid have a similar morphology compared to control. Treatment with RGFP966 resulted in elongated cells, similar to an M2 phenotype morphology especially in the 10 µM condition. (F~J) M1 macrophage morphology is shown after LPS treatment. Both HDAC3 inhibitors lead to elongated cells, especially after 1 µM scriptaid and 10 µM RGFP966 treatment. (K~T) The typical M2 morphology is induced after IL-4 and IL-13 treatment. Scriptaid-treated cells resemble control cells. RGFP966 treatment does not change the M2 morphology as induced by IL-4 and IL-13. Sc, scriptaid; 966, RGFP966; LPS, lipopolysaccharide; IL-4, interleukin-4; IL-13, interleukin-13.
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