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Fig. 5. Scriptaid reduces IL-6 and NO production and RGFP966 reduces IL-6 production. BMDMs were first stimulated with LPS for 1 hour and treated with scriptaid at 0.2 µM and 1 µM or with RGFP966 at 5 µM and 10 µM for 24 hours (A) Culture medium was collected to analyze the IL-6 production via ELISA. Scriptaid and RGFP966 significantly reduce IL-6 production upon LPS stimulation. (B) Culture medium was collected to analyze the NO2 production via ELISA. Scriptaid significantly reduced NO2 production upon LPS stimulation. RGFP966 has no effect on the nitrite production upon LPS stimulation. (C, D) Total protein lysates were analyzed using western blot analysis to examine the iNOS protein expression. Scriptaid and RGFP966 had no effect on iNOS production upon LPS stimulation. A representative blot is shown in (D). Data are represented as relative values compared to ‘control+LPS’±SEM; *p<0.05; n=3~5 biological replicates; BMDMs, Bone marrow derived macrophages; LPS, lipopolysaccharide; IL-6, interleukin 6; NO2, nitrite; iNOS, nitric oxide synthase; Sc, scriptaid; C, vehicle control; 966, RGFP966.
Exp Neurobiol 2018;27:437~452
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