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Fig. 9. Scriptaid and RGFP966 have no effect on Iba-+1 and CD4+ cell immune cell infiltration after SCI. BALB/c mice were subjected to a T-cut hemisection SCI. The first 3 days the mice were injected i.p. with scriptaid (3.5 mg/kg), RGFP966 (10 mg/kg) or vehicle. (A~D) Scriptaid and RGFP966 had no effect on Iba-1+ and CD4+ cell infiltration. (C, D) Representative images display the method of quantification: Iba-1 expression was quantified by intensity analysis within rectangular areas of 100 µm×100 µm extending 600 µm cranial to 600 µm caudal from the lesion epicentre. The number of CD4+ cells was counted and in the representative images the CD4+ are indicated with white arrows. Sections were labelled for: Iba-1 (macrophage/microglia infiltration; E) and CD4 (T cell infiltration; F). Data are represented as means±SEM, n=3 mice/group data from 1 representative experiment are shown. **p<0.01. SCI, spinal cord injury; Iba-1, ionized calcium-binding adapter molecule 1 and CD4, cluster of differentiation 4.
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