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Fig. 5. (A) Behavioral procedure for neophobia. The initial lemon-scented diet was given to mice after habituation to a plain liquid diet. The second lemon-scented diet was given 3 days later. (B) Suppression ratios of mice on exposure to the baseline liquid diet, when a non-nutritive flavor was added. Suppression ratio = Lemon-scented diet/(lemon-scented diet + baseline diet). Male C57BL/6 (n=10) and DBA/2 (n=10) mice exhibited suppressed consumption at the initial exposure and retained that experience later, as indicated by the absence of suppression relative to baseline. There was a significant difference in the consumption ratio between C57BL/6 and DBA/2 mice (F[1,18]=4.40, p<0.05). These data are from unpublished work in our laboratory.
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