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Fig. 3. Representative images of the delineations with their coordinates and identified subregions drawn on a selected sagittal (A) and coronal (B) brain section of Octopus minor. Scale bar=2 mm. AP, anterior-posterior axis; ML, medial-lateral axis; ±, coordinate direction; A, anterior; P, posterior; D, dorsal; V, ventral; M, medial; L, lateral; b.a., anterior basal lobe; b.d.a., anterior dorsal basal lobe; b.d.p., posterior dorsal basal lobe;, interbasal lobe; b.l., lateral basal lobe;, median basal lobe; br.po., postbrachial lobe;, prebrachial lobe; br.-pv.con.,brachio-palliovisceral connective; buc.p., posterior buccal lobe; buc.s., superior buccal lobe;, suprabrachial commissure; c.opt.ven., ventral optic commissure; cer.-br.con., cerebro-brachial connective; cer.con.p, posterior cerebral connective; ch.p., posterior chromatophore lobe; fr.i.l., lateral inferior frontal lobe;, median inferior frontal lobe; fr.s.l., lateral superior frontal lobe;, median superior frontal lobe; fun.p., posterior funnel lobe; g.opt., optic gland; mag.d., dorsal magnocellular lobe; mag.p., posterior magnocellular lobe; n.antorb.s., superior antorbital nerve; n.antorb.i., inferior antorbital nerve;, first brachial nerve;, second brachial nerve;, third brachial nerve;, fourth brachial nerve; n.col., collar nerve;, anterior funnel nerve;, posterior funnel nerve; n.lab., labial nerve; n.pal., pallial nerve; n.sal.p., posterior salivary nerve;, static nerve; n.visc., visceral nerve; opt., optic lobe; pe.a., anterior pedal lobe; pe.p., posterior pedal lobe; ped., peduncle lobe; ped.sub., subpedunculate lobe; prec., precommissural lobe; pv., palliovisceral lobe; subfr., subfrontal lobe; subv.a., anterior subvertical lobe; subv.p., posterior subvertical lobe;, brachial-optic lobe tract; tr.cer., cerebral tract; tr.opt., optic tract; v.l., lateral vertical lobe gyrus;, median vertical lobe gyrus;, medio-lateral vertical lobe gyrus; vas.d.l., lateral dorsal vasomotor lobe;, median dorsal vasomotor lobe; vas.ven., ventral vasomotor lobe.
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