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Fig. 8DMultiple amino acids alignment of for various species of TTYH family. Multiple amino acids alignment for various species of TTYH family represents 4 strong hydrophobic and conserved trans-membrane (TM) domain (sky blue), 1 weak hydrophobic and conserved intra-transmembrane (IM) domain or TM (yellowish green) across the species and isoforms of TTYH. Loop1-4 are located between TM domains. The possible candidates of the pore regions which are decided by the recording of ICl,swell in are Δ2A4 (pink letter), 2C2 (yellowish green letter), 2C3 (green letter) and 4B (sky blue letter). The 165 arginine residue (R165, red letter) is in between Δ2C2 and 3. mTTYH1-B is indicated with dark-red box.
Exp Neurobiol 2019;28:183~215
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