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Fig. 1. Schematic drawing of skull reference lines (red) on CT planes. (A) Coronal slices showing the following X-axis reference lines: IPL (a) and IAL (b). (B) Sagittal slice showing the following Y-axis reference lines: GL-TS-VL (c), GL-DS-VL (d), GL-EBZ-VL (e), GL-OPC (f), GL-TS (g), GL-DS (h), TS-EBZ-VL (i), and GL-EBZ (j). Horizontal slice showing the ACP-EBZ-VL reference line (k). (C) Sagittal slice showing the following Z-axis reference lines: TS-VVL (l), FM-VVL (m), and FM-TS-VVL (n). Together, these images illustrate the craniometric landmarks used in this study. IPL, internal porion line; IAM, internal auditory meatus; IAL, inter-auricular canal line; GL, glabella; VL, vertical line; TS, tuberculum sellae; DS, dorsum sellae; EBZ, ear-bar zero; OPC, opisthocranion; ACP, anterior clinoid process; IOR, infraorbital ridge; Po, porion; VVL, vertical vertex line; FM, foramen magnum.
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