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Fig. 1. Regions of interest (ROIs) based on fluid-attenuated inversion recovery (FLAIR) images. ROIs were semi-automatically calculated using the Inveon Research Workplace (IRW) (A). Four ROIs were selected for the whole brain (green; RGB, 0.255.0), infarct lesion (red; RGB, 255.0.0), brain template (light blue; RGB, 0.204.204), and infarct lesion template (purple; RGB, 255.0.255). Representative 3D maximum intensity projection (MIP) views (66°, 0.96 scale) of the whole brain (B) and infarct lesion (C) are shown. The left scale bar represents 140.0 mm in and 120.0 mm in , and the right scale bar represents the window level (−1.6/268.6). R, Right; L, Left; A, Anterior; P, Posterior; S, Superior; I, Inferior.
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