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Fig. 7. Several proliferating CD68-expressing cells are observed in the subacute stage. (A) Paraffin-embedded brain sections were immunostained with CD68 (red) for phagocytic cells and Ki67 (green) for cell proliferation and counterstained with DAPI (blue) for cell nuclei at 2 weeks after reperfusion. Several proliferating phagocytic cells (inset image) were detected in the subacute stage. 1, infarct core; 2, peri-infarct core; 3, contralateral hemisphere. Representative images were obtained from animal R326. Scale bar represents 10 μm. (B~D) Quantification of CD68- and Ki67-positive cells. The number of CD68-specific (B), ki67-specific (C), and CD68+/Ki67+-coexpressing (D) cells was quantified using Image J cell counter. Data are presented as mean±SEM. Each line chart symbol represents 50 regions of interest, with 2 animals in each group.
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