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Fig. 1. Graphs illustrating the changes in expression of NOS-II and total NO production and NOS-II immunostaining in the lumbar spinal cord dorsal horn of CCI rats. (A) Results of Western blot analysis showed that sciatic nerve injury increased the expression of nitric oxide synthase type II (NOS-II) in the spinal cord. n=6 rats/group. (B) Sciatic nerve injury increased total NO concentration (measured indirectly as the concentration of its stable decomposition product nitrate) in the spinal cord. n=4 rats/group. (C) Photomicrographs illustrate that NOS-II immunostaining (red) was increased in Iba-1-positive microglial cells (green) following CCI. Scale bar=100 μm. Arrows in the magnified images depict examples of colocalization (Scale bar=50 μm). The spinal cord dorsal horn was sampled at 5 days post-surgery. *p<0.05 vs. Sham. A and B, two-tailed Student’s t-test.
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