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Fig. 4. SIRT2 knockdown is accompanied by depression-like behaviors in mice. (A) The mouse U6 promoter was used to drive the expression of SIRT2-shRNA (top). Experimental design (bottom). (B) GFP staining confirmed localization of lentivirus in the DG. (Scale bar, 100 μm). (C) Mouse Sirt2 and β-actin mRNA levels were quantified by qPCR (n=3 per group). (D) SIRT2 protein was quantified by Western blotting (n=3 per group). (E) LMA. Total distance, average speed, and distances travelled in the center or margin zone were scored at 5 min intervals (n=11, 10). (F) FST. Animals infused with lenti-shSIRT2 displayed depression-like behaviors compared with animals infused with lenti-shLuc (n=11, 11). (G) LHT. lenti-shSIRT2-infused mice had a longer latency to escape than animals infused with lenti-shLuc in trials 1–10 (n=10, 8). (H) Representative blots of DG lysates (left). Quantification of the results (right) (n=3). Data are means±s.e.m. Unpaired t tests; *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
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