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Fig. 2. Involvement of VGCCs and intracellular Ca2+ stores in the Zn2+-mediated augmentation of excitability in SNc dopaminergic neurons. (A) Current-injected voltage raw traces by a depolarizing pulse (100 pA current injection for 1 s). Top, 100 μM Cd; Middle, 50 μM Nifedipine; Bottom, 10 μM Dantrolene. (B) Top, effects of the inhibition of VGCCs and ER-related factors on the firing activity frequency (100 μM Ni, 1.00±0.0, n=3; 100 μM Cd, 1.02±0.18, n=3; 50 μM Nifedipine, 0.74±0.05, n=8; 1 μM Thapsigargin, 1.27±0.07, n=4; 100 μM 2-APB, 0.75±0.11, n=6; 5 mM Caffeine, 1.07±0.07, n=4; 10 μM Dantrolene, 1.06±0.12, n=4; #p<0.05, one sample t-test, hypothetical value=1). In the presence of Zn2+ (100 μM Zn, Middle ) and after Zn2+ washout (Wash, Bottom), effect of blockade for VGCCs and ER-related factors on Zn2+-induced increase in activity (100 μM Zn: Control, 1.81±0.15, n=13; Ni, 1.67±0.33, n=3; Cd, 0.55±0.05, n=3; Nifedipine, 0.98±0.2, n=8; Thapsigargin, 1.46±0.21, n=4; 2-APB, 1.37±0.38, n=6; Caffeine, 1.48±0.35, n=4; Dantrolene, 1.03±0.11, n=4; p<0.05, one-way ANOVA; Wash: Control, 1.43±0.2, n=12; Ni, 1.17±0.17, n=3; Cd, 0.53±0.03, n=3; Nifedipine, 1.57±0.07, n=5; Thapsigargin, 1.5±0.0, n=4; 2-APB, 1.52±0.42, n=6; Caffeine, 1.46±0.21, n=4; Dantrolene, 1.28±0.05, n=4; p>0.05, one-way ANOVA; *p<0.05, **p<0.01, Dunnett’s post-hoc multiple comparison test for control).
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