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Fig. 7. A scheme to illustrate spatial relationships among VGCC, TRP channel, RyR and SK channel and Zn2+ action in different Ca2+ chelator condion. Intracellular Ca2+ sources are extracellular Ca2+ influx via VGCC, TRP channel and Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release from RyR/IP3R in ER. Ca2+ concentration increases also induce the activation of TPRM channel amplifying cytosolic Ca2+ increases. EGTA condition, internal Ca2+ plays a key role in neuronal activity, and their blockades of Ca2+-related channels as a Ca2+ source and SK channel as a Ca2+ sensor act as an major factor in Zn2+-induced augmentation of neuronal activity. BAPTA condition, internal Ca2+ action is excluded, and thus KA channel acts as key factor in Zn2+-induced alteration of neuronal activity (thick arrow, increase; thin arrow, normal function; broken arrow, inhibition; gray channel & arrow, nonfunctional).
Exp Neurobiol 2019;28:578~592
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