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Fig. 2.

Spatial memory impairments of negr1 −/− mice. To assess the spatial memory of the negr1 −/− mice, the Morris water maze task was conducted. (A) The negr1 −/− mice were slower in finding the hidden platform (ANOVA with a repeated measure; Group, F (1,19)=5.13, p<0.05; Training = F (7,133)=17.94, p<0.001, Group x Training, F (7,133)=0.96, p=0.46). (B) No differences between the two groups were found in swimming speed during the place training. (C, D) The negr1 −/− mice exhibited less spatial bias than the wild-type mice on the probe trial (independent t -test; proximity, t (19)=−2.36, p<0.05; Target quadrant, t (19)=1.78, p=0.10). *p<0.05; n.s., not significant. Data are presented as mean±s.e.m.

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