List of previously reported studies associated with diffusion MR imaging

Authors Secies Year Scanner Data/ Analysis program Finding
Calabrese et al. [10] 2-Wild type (C57BL/6) Mice 2015 9.4 T Diffusion MR imageProgram: ANTX/FSL Ipsilateral connectivity was higher than contralateral connectivity. Significant correlation was detected between ABA neuronal tracer data and diffusion tractography data.
Cong et al. [11] 6 MitoPark Mice (Parkinson disease)/ 9 wildtype (C57BL/6) Mice 2016 7T Diffusion MR image/ T2* map/ Cerebral blood flow MR imagesProgram: Matlab T2* of the MitoPark group showed significant reductions in the striatum and substantia nigra compared with control groups. ADC values of the MitoPark group showed significant reductions in the SN compared with the control group.
Hübner et al. [12] Cuprizone treated (CUPR) C57BL/6N mice 2017 7T rsfMRI data/ T2-weighted image/ Diffusion MR images CUPR induced pathology decreases average functional connectivity strength within the whole functional connectivity matrix.
Perlbarg et al. [13] 15 Sprague Dawley rats (10 rats: 6-OHDA injection. 5 rats: physiological solution injection) 2018 11.7 T T2-weighted image/Multi-slice echo-planar image/ Diffusion MR imageProgram: MRtrix3 package There was increased FA value in the ipsilateral and contralateral striatum.
Lenglet et al. [14] 4 healthy humans 2012 7T T1-weighted images/T2-weighted images/Susceptibilityweighted images/Diffusion MR imageProgram: FSL Connections of STN to GP were higher for GPi than for GPe. STN-striatum connections were weak.
Milardi et al. [15] 15 human subjects 2016 3T 3DT1-weighted image/3DT2-weighted image/Diffusion MR imageProgram: FLIRT of FSL This study found the presence of direct connections between SN and Dentate nucleus. Dentate was widely projected to the GP..
Plantinga et al. [16] A formalin fixed human brain specimen 2016 7T Diffusion MR imageProgram: FSL/ITK-SNAP software/ MRtrix Direct connections within the basal ganglia (STN, STN-GP, STN-SN, SNr-SNc etc.) were shown in this study. STN-GPi connections were fewer than the STNSNr connections, that reflect a relatively important role for the STN-SNr connection in human.
Pujol et al. [8] 5 healthy subjects 2017 3T T1-weighted image/T2-weighted image/ Diffusion MR imageProgram: FSL/MRtrix This study investigated the white matter connectivity between the STN and GP. A number of fibers interconnecting GPi arose from the ventral-medial STN.
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