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Fig. 2.

Localization of Feridex®-labeled HB1.F3.BDNF cells on the brain MRI scan. (A) At 3 days after transplantation, Feridex® signal was well-visualized at the injection site (left side on the MR image, corresponding to the right side of the anterior striatum), contralateral to the QA-lesion side in the coronal view and the sagittal view (upper panel). At 5 weeks after transplantation, Feridex® signal was identified on the contralateral side of the injection in coronal and axial views (lower panel). (B) Detection of migrated Feridex®-labeled HB1.F3.BDNF cells at the QA-lesioned site by Prussian blue staining. (C, D) Immunohistochemical staining using human nuclei (hNu) antibody showing the presence of transplanted human cells. Scale bar: B, C=100 μm, D=20 μm.

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