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Fig. 3.

Neuroanatomical tracing of HB1.F3.BDNF-derived DARPP-32-positive cells in vivo using Fluoro-Gold (FG) retrograde labeling. (A) The transplantation site of HB1.F3.BDNF cells is indicated on the brain MRI scan (white oval), and the location of Feridex®-labeled migrated cells is visualized at two sites (red boxes) in the QA-lesioned striatum: (a) AP: 0.5 mm, (b) AP: -0.5 mm. (B) Co-localization of migrated human cells with FG-positive signals at sites (a) and (b) in the QA-lesioned striatum. (C) Detection of DARPP-32-expressing hNu-positive cells at site (b) of the QA-lesioned striatum. Scale bar=20 μm.

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