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Fig. 4. Effect of GMF on TBI induced ubiquitin-protein hydrolase enzyme and astrocyte activation in SN of the midbrain. Weight drop TBI in the cortical region significantly increases the TBI key markers such as UCHL-1 and GFAP expression in SN region of midbrain of WT and GMF-KO mice as determined by western blot (A). Bar graphs show the quantitation of the western blots with UCHL-1 (B) and GFAP (C) expression as compared to the controls. Values are presented as meanĀ±SEM (n=6). *p<0.05 control vs TBI subjected mice; #p<0.05 GMF-KO TBI subjected mice vs WT TBI subjected mice.
Exp Neurobiol 2020;29:230~248
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