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Fig. 7. Three-dimensional reconstruction of corticospinal tract (CST) from the non-human primate (NHP) stroke model on the axial sections of the DTI imaging and longitudinal changes of the DTI parameters. Representative CST fiber tractography at baseline (A), after 8 weeks (B) and after 12 weeks after MCAO (C). Temporal changes of DTI-based tractography after MCAO in contralateral (Left hemisphere) and ipsilateral (Right hemisphere) corticospinal tract (CST). While the fiber disruption of CST was detected in ipsilateral region at 8 weeks after MCAO, the structural reorganization was revealed at 12 weeks after MCAO. (D) The FA values of the ipsilateral CST (Right hemisphere) decreased during 1 week after MCAO compared to baseline, and recovered past the 12-week time point. However, ipsilateral FA values of the CST was lower than contralateral side. (E) The MD values of the ipsilateral CST increased after MCAO during 4 weeks compared to baseline, and decreased pattern was observed at 8-12 weeks after MCAO. Lt, left hemisphere; Rt, right hemisphere; Con, contralateral CST; IP, ipsilateral CST; FA, fractional anisotropy; MD, mean diffusivity. Data from Monkey A are represented as the mean┬▒standard error of the mean.
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