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Fig. 3. Kv3.3 is expressed in type 1 but not in type 2 cochlear afferent nerve fibers. Scale bar: 5 μm. (A) The unmyelinated dendritic segments of cochlear afferent nerve fibers near IHC (n=3 cochlear preparations from 2 rats). The tissue was double-immunolabeled with anti-Kv3.3 and anti-NKA. Projection images were reconstructed from a partial z stack, covering only the depth of the unmyelinated dendritic segment of type 1 afferents. (B) SGNs immunolabeled with anti-Kv3.3, anti-parvalbumin, and anti-neurofilament H (NFH) (n=3 cochlear preparations from 2 rats). Kv3.3 signal was found in many parvalbumin- and NFH-positive neurons (64.7%, 22 out of 34 NFH-positive SGNs). (C) SGNs immunolabeled with anti- Kv3.3 and anti-peripherin (n=3 cochlear preparations from 2 rats). Kv3.3 is not expressed in peripherin-positive neurons (*).
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