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Fig. 2. Regression analysis of the four EEG frequency band powers, β/α ratio, and alpha asymmetry on the total KI score. Alpha power and β/α ratio showed a correlation with total KI score after negative affective stimuli in comparison with baseline brain activity. Red dots: individual data points; gray dots: outliers; black lines: linear regression patterns (Bonferroni-corrected values 0.0083) (a~d). Regression pattern between EEG frequency band powers and total KI score under no-odor conditions. The EEG responses shown were normalized by subtracting the responses during the baseline period from those during odor conditioning. (e) Regression pattern between β/α ratio (arousal index) and total KI score. (f) Regression pattern between alpha asymmetry (valence index) and total KI score. Outliers represented as gray color squares (See excluded outliers results S3 Table).
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