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Fig. 4. EEG pattern changes while inhalation fragrances. (a~c) EEG results of the fragrance effect after NAPS. Two sample t-test performed to verify the difference from no-odor condition (no-odor condition set to 0, two-tail). (c) y-axis is inversed in this graph. (d~l) Regression pattern changes during the inhalation of fragrances. Fragrances alter the slope of the linear regression of (d~f) alpha power, (g~i) alpha power, and (j~l) β/α ratio slope vs. total KI score, depressive symptoms, and anxiety symptoms. Black lines: no-odor condition (solvent). Color lines: odor conditions. All input data were deviation value between oil fragrance condition and no-odor condition data (e.g., O29 data - no-odor data). Asterisks denote statistical significance (#p<0.1, *p<0.05, **p<0.01).
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