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Fig. 6. Comparison of STCL and non-centered STC (STC-NC): unbalanced bimodal ON-OFF RGC. (A) Based on STC-NC, the 12 RGCs are classified into 4 ON, 3 OFF, and 5 ON-OFF RGCs (A, inner pie chart). Among these RGCs, 2 RGCs labeled as OFF by STC-NC are reclassified as ON-OFF RGCs based on STCL (A, outer pie chart). (B) Comparison of STC-NC bias values with STCL inner product values. The STC-NC bias and STCL inner product were in agreement for ON (red dots) and ON-OFF RGCs. (green dots). However, two RGCs (black squares) labeled as OFF by STC-NC show conflict between STC-NC bias guided RF modality (unimodal with negative sign) and STCL-inner product guided RF modality (bimodal). (C) The histogram of the projections to the first eigenvector of the non-centered STC, used for calculating the STC-NC bias value (-0.91), of the misclassified RGC (ch 37 unit 5). (D) Two-dimensional projection of ch 37 unit 5 shows two separable STCL centers (red triangles). (E) The temporal (left) and spatial (right) profiles of STCL cluster centers identified by STCL analysis clearly separate ON (cluster center 1: top) and OFF (cluster center 2: bottom) responses.
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