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Fig. 2. Nobiletin effectively reduces the mitochondrial ROS under CI inhibition. Isolated mitochondria were pretreated with nobiletin (NOB, 30 μM) for 5 minutes and then treated with each inhibitor of ETC complexes for 5 minutes. (A, B) Pretreatment with nobiletin completely blocked the effects of CI inhibitors to increase mitochondrial ROS (ROT+NOB, 6-OHDA+NOB). (C) The changes of mitochondrial ROS under CIII inhibition. Nobiletin did not exert the effect to reduce ROS level that was increased by treatment with antimycin A (AA+NOB). Data indicate the mean±S.E. *p<0.05 and **p<0.01, compared with the control group; p<0.05 and ††p<0.01, compared with each inhibitor alone.
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