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Fig. 4. Nobiletin does not affect the metabolic regulation of mitochondria under a normal condition. (A) The changes of OCR under each condition. The OCR of mitochondria was measured using a Seahorse XF-24 extracellular flux analyzer. ADP (1 mM) was injected for enhancing OCR, oligomycin (2 μg/ml) as an inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthase, FCCP (2 μM) as an ETC accelerator. The various concentrations of nobiletin were injected in pure isolated mitochondria under a normal condition and the changes of OCR were observed. (B, C) Averaged changes of ATP-linked OCR and coupling efficiency. Nobiletin treatment did not induce significant changes in mitochondrial OCR under a normal condition. Data indicate the mean±S.E.
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:73~86
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