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Fig. 5. Nobiletin partially but significantly restores the mitochondrial OCR under CI inhibition. (A) The changes of OCR levels. First, the effect of the absence of CI substrate (CI inhibition) on OCR was compared with the presence of CI substrate (Control). (B) To test the effect of nobiletin on OCR under CI inhibition, it was injected after ADP injection (NOB+CI inhibition). (C, D) The averaged values of OCR-linked ATP and coupling efficiency that were restored by nobiletin injection. The injection of nobiletin (30 μM, NOB+CI inhibition) slightly but significantly increased the level of OCR-linked ATP under the CI substrate free condition. Data indicate the mean±S.E. **p<0.01, compared with ‘Control’; p<0.05, compared with ‘CI inhibition’.
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:73~86
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