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Fig. 6. Nobiletin enhances the mitochondrial viability and CI activity under a normal condition. (A) The changes of mitochondrial viability influenced by nobiletin with (CI inhibition) or without (Control) rotenone (0.5 μM) treatment. Nobiletin significantly enhanced the mitochondrial viability only under a normal condition (Control). (B) The changes of CI activity that were dose-dependently enhanced by nobiletin. CI activity was determined by using MitoCheck Complex I Activity Assay Kit with 20 μg of mitochondrial protein. The absorbance of all samples was measured at 340 nm for 15 minutes. Data indicate the mean±S.E. *p<0.05 and **p<0.01, compared with no treatment (0 μM NOB).
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:73~86
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