Human studies of NETs in stroke

Author, year Patients Biomarkers Method used in measurement of NETs Results
Essig et al., 2020 [46] 37 acute ischemic stroke (AIS) patients undergone mechanical thrombectomy H3Cit, NE, MPO Immunofluorescence NETs found in more than 90% of thromboemboli. NETs were almost exclusively found within fibrin-rich areas
Zhou et al., 2020 [47] 55 AIS patients undergone endovascular thrombectomy and 35 healthy controls H3Cit, NE, MPO, cfDNA Immunofluorescence All NET-related markers found in plasma were higher in AIS compared with control group
Lim et al., 2020 [48] 58 AIS patients and 25 healthy adults Double-stranded DNA (dsDNA), DNA-histone complex Immunofluorescence (for dsDNA) and ELISA (for DNA-histone complex) Circulating levels of NETs was significantly higher in AIS patients at initial presentation compared with control group
Laridan et al., 2017 [49] 68 AIS patients undergone thrombectomy H3Cit Immunostaining NETs was observed in almost all thrombi
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