Animal studies of NETs in stroke

Author, year Species Biomarkers Method used in measurement of NETs Results
Kang et al., 2020 [50] Mice H3Cit Western Blot (ischemic cortex) and immunostaining (peri-infarct cortex) Cortex of ischemic mice have shown higher amount of H3Cit+ neutrophils. Peri-infarct cortex was extensively labelled with H3Cit+ cells after 3 days
Kim et al., 2019 [51] Rat H3Cit Immunofluorescence The first H3Cit+ cells entry occurred at 12 hours after middle cerebral artery occlusion through leptomeninges
Perez-de-Puig et al., 2015 [24] Mice H3Cit Immunofluorescence H3Cit+ neutrophils found in perivascular spaces, cerebral parenchyma near blood vessels, lumen capillaries, and striatum
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