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Fig. 4. TXNIP was a target of miR-20b. (A) The putative binding sites between miR-20b and TXNIP were predicted by Targetscan and Starbase databases. (B) The WT or MUT 3’-UTR of TXNIP both in site 1 and site 2 was cloned into pmirGLO reporter vector, and co-transfected with miR-20b mimics or miR-NC into neurons. The relative luciferase activity was detected by dual luciferase reporter system. (C, D) Neurons were transfected with miR-20b, miR-NC, miR-20b inhibitor, or inhibitor NC, and treated with OGD/R. The expression of TXNIP was evaluated by qRT-PCR (C) and western blot (D). **p<0.01.
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