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Fig. 3. Western blotting analysis of the injury core on day 15. Western blotting and densitometric analyses showed comparable NeuN expression levels in all groups in both the motor cortex (M1) and hippocampus (CA1) (p>0.05). The expression of SYP was significantly decreased upon cortical injury of 3KI and 4KI with respect to wild-type mice (p=0.029), whereas PSD-95 levels were equivalent. Both SYP and PSD-95 expression levels in the hippocampus showed isoform-dependent changes: significant reductions in 4KI and KO mice, compared with 3KI and wild-type mice (p=0.017 and p=0.041, respectively). Bar graphs show means±standard errors of the mean. *p<0.05, significant on Kruskal–Wallis test and subsequent post hoc analyses using the Mann–Whitney test with multiple comparison correction by means of FDR<0.1. 3KI, apoE3 knock-in; 4KI, apoE4 knock-in; ct, control mice without injury; IC, repeatedly loaded sample to compare two blots; KO, knockout; NeuN, neuronal nuclear protein; SYP, synaptophysin; PSD-95, postsynaptic density-95; wt, wild-type.
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:285~293
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