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Fig. 2. The binding domain of TMEM43 for TASK-1 interaction. (A) TMEM43 protein structure prediction based on AlphaFold. (B) Left: amino acids of TMEM43 protein and its predicted topology based on AlphaFold. TM domains are colored in pink. The truncated domains are dotted-lined with different colors. Right: amino acids of TMEM43-ΔLoop1 with three GGS linkers. (C) Co-IP results performed with TASK-1 antibody using lysates of HEK293T cells expressing TASK-1 and TMEM43-FLAG full length and Loop1 truncation mutant (ΔLoop1). Expected band size for TMEM43-ΔLoop1 is 20 kDa. (D) Co-IP data showing that both TMEM43-WT and TMEM43-ΔIM are immuno-pulled down with anti-TASK-1 antibody. The expected band size for TMEM43-ΔIM is 41 KDa.
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