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Fig. 3. Endogenous TMEM43 interacts with TASK-1 in mouse cochlea tissue. (A) An illustration of materials used for ex vivo study. C57BL/6 pups of p5~p8 were used, and the cochlea tissue was acutely dissected from the inner ear. (B) Co-IP data performed with cochlea tissue. Tissue lysates were pulled down with anti-TASK-1 antibody and blotted with anti-TMEM43 antibody. (C) Immunostaining of cochlea tissue with anti-TMEM43 and anti-TASK-1 antibodies. Inset images show magnified GLSs with TMEM43 and TASK-1 signals. (D) Duolink PLA with anti-TMEM43 and -TASK-1 antibodies, performed with acutely dissected mouse cochlea tissue. Duolink PLA signal was positive at GLSs (green). The amplified PLA red fluorescent signal was pseudo-colored as green for better data display. Inset: magnified images. The lower panel is a negative control, using only an anti-TMEM43 antibody.
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:319~328
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