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Fig. 4. Gene-silencing of mTask-1 and TASK-1-regulated cochlear passive conductance current. (A) Mouse primary neuron culture infected with lentivirus packaged with mTask-1 shRNA candidates. The target sequences for 3 shRNA candidates are shown in the table. The knockdown efficiency was tested with RT-PCR and normalized by Gapdh level for comparison. The virus infection efficiency was measured and reflected when calculating the knockdown percentage. (B) Cultured cochlea tissue infected with control or Task-1 shRNA-carrying lentivirus and immunostained with anti-TASK-1 antibody. Mean TASK-1 intensity of virus-infected cells is quantified. (C) A diagram describing cultured cochlea tissue infected with Task-1 shRNA-carrying lentivirus and the infected GLSs patch-clamped with a glass pipette containing a high K+ internal solution. (D) Representative I-V curve measured from naïve (black), control shRNA treated (gray), and Task-1 shRNA treated (red) cochlea tissue. (E) Summary bar graph of current amplitude from (D).
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