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Fig. 2. The intrinsic properties of NPY neurons were not changed by CRS. (A) Schematic diagram for whole cell patch-clamp. (B) Representative images of brain slices from AgRP/NPY-hrGFP mice show that NPY neurons in the ARC region of the hypothalamus are tagged to green fluorescence protein (GFP). (C) The membrane capacitance (Cm) of NPY neurons showed no significant difference. (D) There was no difference in the membrane resistance (Rm) of NPY neurons. (E) No difference in resting membrane potential (RMP). (F) Representative trace of the firing of NPY neurons after the injection of 20 pA ramp currents for detection of action potential (AP) threshold. (G) AP threshold was not changed by CRS. All the data were from CON (20 neurons from 7 mice) and CRS (30 neurons from 12 mice).
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:375~386
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