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Fig. 1. Long-term memory deficit in 12-month-old AD mice. (A) Schematic representation of CFC protocol. There were distinct batches with different conditioning to context recall intertrial time interval (ITI, 2 h versus 4 days). (B) No difference in after-shock and context recall freezing between 2h ITI WT (n=7) and TG (n=7). (C) In 4d ITI experiment, TG (n=14) mice show significant decrease in the context recall freezing compared to WT (n=18) (**p<0.01, Student’s t-test). (D) No difference in total traveled distance and time spent in center zone during the open field test, between WT and TG of 4d ITI group.
Exp Neurobiol 2021;30:430~440
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